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Reading room

Conference Papers

The library provides access to online databases which index conference papers and proceedings. These databases will provide you with citations, abstracts, or even the full text of conference papers.


The Library holds a complete collection of patent specifications published by patent offices or international patent organizations throughout the world.

CMU Theses & Dissertations

The CMU theses & dissertations collection comprises the master theses and doctoral dissertations, plus a limited number of research reports by post doctorates and dissertations by students enrolled in undergraduate program of Biomedical Engineering.  


The Library subscribes various newspapers such as New York Times, Washington Post, People’s Daily, etc.

Special Collections

Special Collections comprises books and other items that require special storage and care due to their format, value, or condition.

Scientific and Technical Reports

This collection comprises Scientific and Technical Reports that are purchased by CMU Library.

Standard Literature

These are many online databases which are subscribed by Library.