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Reading room

The Administration Office is located on the east side of the third floor of the library building in Room 302.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Implements the resolutions made by Capital University of Medical Sciences and Library Council; and contacts with administrative units and academic departments of University;

2. Coordinates the work of the various departments of the whole library; be responsible for outside relations;

3. Provides necessary administrative support for managing the daily operations of the Library. (including business statistics, logistical support, attendance management, financial management, management of fixed assets, safety defence, management of temporary member of the staff, etc.)

4. Makes and implements the policies and regulations; prepares and creates the related report and materials;

5. Manages various kinds of documents, file, records and prints;

6. Collects, verifies and disseminates information and reports to the Office of the President; compiles the newspaper of “Capital University of Medical Sciences Library”

7. Collects and coordinates the feedbacks of the readers, and meets the visitors;

8. Assists Library Academic Committee to apply for the research projects, evaluates the academic achievements and reports to the upper levels;

9. Organizes and attends meetings, takes notes, prepares minutes and publishes them on the homepage; assists the University Librarian to coordinates activities for a variety of meetings, conferences, committees;

10. Provides administrative support for hiring and terminating personnel and student workers.

Contact Information

Tel: 83911301


Acquisition and Cataloging Department

The Acquisition and Cataloging Department is located on east side of the second floor of the library building in Room 203. Cataloging work is the key step of construction of book collection, laying a sound foundation for library work. The Cataloging Department acquires and subscribes books, journals, media, online resources, etc. This technical processing unit is responsible for the cataloging, classification, and subject analysis of materials in all formats and languages which the Library acquires.

The Library welcomes suggestions for purchasing library materials

Please contact us with your suggestions for purchase.

Tel: 83911308

Email: (Chinese) (Foreign languages)

Technical Support Department

Technical Support Department is located on the east side of the fourth floor of the library building in Room 402.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Manages, develops and maintains the Library network platform;

2. Manages and maintains the hardware and software of the Library;

3. Works out Library automation plan; 

4. Manages and maintains the server of the Library generator room;

5. Constructs, manages and maintains the database of the Library collection;

6. Constructs, develops and maintains the platform of Digital Library System;

7. Publishes and maintains medical multimedia resources;

8. Provides technical support and assistance for branch libraries;

9. Answers users' enquiries and deals with their comments.

Contact Information

Tel: 83911307


Circulation and Reading Department

According to the instructions, Circulation Department and Reading Department merged into one group called Circulation and Reading Department in 2010. The Department is responsible for the borrowing of materials, management of collection and other related services to users. Closed Stack, Compact Store, College of Continuing Education Library and Lending and Reading Room for Traditional Chinese Medical Science are under jurisdiction of Circulation and Reading Department. All users need to read and comply with the Library regulations. In order to get familiar with the distribution of the stack, users are advised to read the floor plan of the books in the stack. . The Department is also responsible for managing new books, newspapers, periodicals, academic dissertations, reference books and ancient books in five reading rooms, lending books to readers, providing reading service, arranging and binding materials, etc.

Contact Information

Tel: 83911304 (Section for Lending) 

83911306 (Reading Room for New Books & Periodicals)  

83911299 (Reading Room for Books in Literature & Arts)