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Capital Medical University Library was first established in 1960, and its new building was opened in 2002. The modern Library Building takes an area of 13,980 square meters, providing approximately 2,000study places. The Library’s present holdings exceed 490,000 items, mostly on biology,pharmacy and medical science. The Library is open for 112 hours each week including evenings and weekends, adopting open-stacks management. The Library also strives to develop electronic resources, with more than 32,000 academic full-text electronic journals and 26,000 electronic books in Chinese and foreign languages in storage. A comprehensive collection system has been established in the library, incorporating medical literature, books, journals, newspapers, audio and video products as well as computer resources.

Information technologies are widely utilized in the Library. The Library provides 24-hour Internet access to a wide range of e-resources. Users can reserve and renew books, access databases and other online resources via the Library Homepage. In order to enhance students’ information consciousness and competence, the Library also organizes a variety of information literacy programs: orientation, topical workshops, and curriculum of Medical Information Retrieval and Utilization. Orientation sessions of How to Utilize Library are conducted at the beginning of each academic year to assist freshmen to develop research skills and information seeking abilities appropriate for their individual needs.

The library combines importation with exploitation, establishing virtual reference service system, academic portal website, theses and dissertations database, traditional Chinese medical science database, anatomy resource database which, together with some other special platform and databases, serve as an integrated information service system.  

Due to its huge collection and excellent web information service platform, the Library is the second class where students can choose from many books, dabble at the knowledge of all subjects, gain science and technology information. It is the information center of the university, the treasure house of knowledge, as well as good teacher and helpful friends of students. We are happy to welcome you to the library and its rich array of resources. We are striving to make the library a comfortable and welcoming place to study as well as a place to launch your life-long learning work habits.